Solar City are accredited PV solar panel installers
Going solar is a sound financial investment for businesses & the public sector. The Government's feed-in tariff scheme means you'll receive index-linked, tax-free payments for 25 years.

Solar for your businesse

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With electricity prices rising, and solar panel prices falling, now is a great time for businesses to invest in solar PV.

The Government's feed-in tariff scheme pays money to organisations who generate electricity through PV solar panels - creating a new revenue stream for your business.

With businesses coming under increasing pressure from rising energy prices, proactive companies that install solar can gain a competitive advantage.

Why go solar?

Want to find out more?

Our specialist solar PV team offer a bespoke solution tailor-made to suit each clients needs. We do not employ salespeople or outsource any of the work - we believe in the personal touch. The members of our team who will answer your questions, design and plan your system are accredited solar panel installers, not salespeople.

After completing a free survey and assessing the suitability of your site, the Technical Director will design a PV system using the market leading software (PV*Sol Expert) and put together a comprehensive proposal.

To find out more or to arrange a free consultation, please contact us on 0121 706 3999, 07970 282 079 or